NJ Commercial Paving

NU-TECH PAVING INC. has been in the commercial industry since the company started in 1963. We offer our quality paving services to NJ airports, parking lots, roads, and a whole lot more. Our combined experience with everybody on our staff makes us a reliable paving contractor for any big or small commercial jobs. Our project managers are always present which ensures the job is carrying quality craftsmanship all the way through.

Commercial Asphalt Repairs

We understand that being in NJ calls for cold and snow-filled winters, which means that asphalt parking lots and roads take a beat from plows and salt trucks. Nu-Tech Paving services those abused areas and returns them back to normal. We use a combination of heating methods that allows us to mesh the old asphalt with the new asphalt.

NJ Commercial Sealcoating

Sealcoating in NJ has been something that commercial property owners have embraced in the last few years due to the heavy winters along with increases in the general population in the area, which means more wear and tear. Sealcoating allows a protective coating over-top of your asphalt surface to seal it from the elements and delay the corrosion, cracking and chipping of the surface.

NJ Commercial Curbing

We wouldn’t be much help to your commercial parking lot paving if we couldn’t engineer strong, smooth curbs. Our foremen are very crafty with their masonry and take amazing pride in all the concrete curbing we do. We also do Belgian block curbing too!

NJ Commercial Paver Walkways

Your office/business walkways and entrances are much more enticing and inviting with beautiful paver work to capture the eye. We do entrance paver work for parking lots, driveways, patios and walkways.

NJ Commercial Retaining Walls

Retaining walls have gained increasing popularity during the housing boom of the 1990’s and hasn’t lost its appeal. The general public loves retaining walls due to its clean aesthetic and most importantly its strength of holding back the terrain. Nu-Tech Paving can get your any color, shape, and size retaining blocks to go along perfectly for your commercial property.

NJ Commercial Landscaping & Hardscaping

NU-TECH PAVING believes a great project needs to be polished off in the right manner so we go the extra mile to make everything look better than it did before we got on site. Lots of our work involves heavy machinery that may leave some ruts and divots. On top of that, we may be changing the pitch and elevation of the land to enable proper foundation and drainage. When we’re finished with the project we switch gears and let our inner landscaping capabilities take control. We grade the land, plant grass seed, shrubs and anything else you may need. Just let us know!